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If I made a Shirt with any of my Skylanders on it, which one would it be and would you buy it?
Skylanders World - Pet
Homeland: Egypt
HT: 1'02"
Personality: Alert, Gentle
A kitten given royalty by the people of Egypt for his adorableness, but when he wore the Ancient Headdress of the Ancients he gained the powers of them.
    Attack 1- Royal Beam: Press 1 to shoot a beam of light from your headdress.
    Attack 2- Sand Rush: Press and hold 2 to rush around with sand covering you, release to have sand explode everywhere.
    Attack 3- Sphinx Wings: Press 3 to gain wings and do a loop-de-loop crashing into enemies.
    Soul Gem- Sandy Serpent: Hold 2 longer to turn into a sandy serpent that does more damage.
    Heart Gem- Reflective Beam: Royal Beam will bounce off of enemies.

Homeland: Transylvania
Tufted Deer
HT: 3'02"
Personality: Childish, Sociable
A little deer that has longer teeth than his friends, his teeth can turn anyone he bites into a bat, and he hopes to find his mother throughout the world.
    Attack 1- Tufted Bite: Press 1 to bite an enemy with your sharp teeth, enemies defeated by this get turned into a bat that attacks enemies.
    Attack 2- Bat Form: Press 2 to turn into a tiny bat that can fly around enemies avoiding hits attacks.
    Attack 3- Vampiric Antlers: Press 3 to do a quick charge that sucks away enemies health and gives it to you.
    Soul Gem- Bat Storm: When you transform into a bat, multiple bats will appear to attack enemies.
    Heart Gem- Right Bat at Ya!: Bats will give you health when they attack.

Homeland: Russia
Husky Terrier
HT: 1'05"
Personality: Smart, Objective
As one of the First Dogs to enter Space, Muttnick was puzzled when he saw mysterious and disturbing things happen in space, including multiple meteors and a wormhole, when he arrived back on earth he found out that everything on Earth changed, with his intellect and being a Good Boy he must lead the Skylanders to path of finding out the truth about the meteors.
    Attack 1- Radio Collar: Press 1 to have a powerful noise emit from your collar, sometimes stunning enemies.
    Attack 2- Rocket Dog: Press 2 to call upon a rocket that swoops down and knocks enemies away.
    Attack 3- Growl & Pounce: Press and hold 3 to growl and ready an attack, if hit Muttnick will jump and bite the enemy.
    Soul Gem- Liftoff: Hold 2 to call upon a rocket to ride on and crash down into enemies.
    Heart Gem- Space Food: Space Food will appear and slow down enemies nearby, you can eat the space food to gain health back.

Homeland: China
HT: 3'10"
Personality: Lazy, Mellow
Being born in a zoo, Bamboozle was given bamboo from the start to eat, but since his species in endangered by smuggling, Bamboozle must use Bamboo as a weapon to stop poachers from stealing his kind.
    Attack 1- Bamboo Slam: Press 1 to swing a bamboo stick down doing massive damage.
    Attack 2- Yin Yang Roll: Press 2 to roll around weakening enemies and knocking them back.
    Attack 3- Bamboo Shield: Press 3 to create a shield of bamboo that is super study.
    Soul Gem- Bamboo Eat: Hold 3 and press 1 to eat some bamboo healing you.
    Heart Gem- Bamboo Armor: Armor does up and will heal you gradually.

Homeland: Korea
HT: 1'03"
Personality: Obedient, Formal
A mutant magpie with a third leg was worshiped like a goddess, Mapsi was given steel sharp feathers to face the many dangers of her Legendary Life. She was destined to save Korea with her Psychic energy, and her legendary Steel feathers.
    Attack 1- Steel Feathers: Press 1 to throw four steel feathers at enemies.
    Attack 2- Psychic Lift: Press 2 to shoot a wave of psychic energy that lifts things and slams them down.
    Attack 3- Dive Cut: Press 3 to do a divebomb and cut up enemies below.
    Soul Gem- Steel Dropping: While flying, steel feathers will fall down on enemies.
    Heart Gem- Psychic Comet: Hold 2 to pick up an enemy and send them high into the air and have them slam down with incredible speed.

Homeland: Tokyo
HT: 2'01", Inflated 5'04"
Scientists almost collapsed on the sight of a fish that could live out of water, but before they could catch the Pufferfish he grew to the Size of a building with one inhale, the fugu doesn't bother anyone unless he's bothered with, now Fugutt is an Amazing teammate in the Skylanders team.
    Attack 1- Rolling Sushi: Press and hold 1 to roll around hitting enemies with your body.
    Attack 2- Puff Up: Press 2 to puff up increasing your size, the bigger you are the more powerful you are, but you get more slower. Hold 2 to release the air in your body to deflate and blow enemies back.
    Attack 3- Living Sushi: Press 3 to toss off the piece of sushi on your head that bounces toward enemies.
    Soul Gem- Sushi Boulder: Hold 1 and jump to crash down shooting spikes around you.
    Heart Gem- Blow Out!: Press 2 repeatedly to puff up and release the air to fly all around crashing into enemies.

More Coming Soon...
Skylanders World - Mystic
Choco Mousse
"A Taste of Paradise!"
Homeland: Canada
Candy Elf
HT: 3'05"
Personality: Sweet, Friendly
A Mounty that enjoys chocolate anytime of the day, but one day he was transformed into a Sweet Elf with a giant Chocolate blade.
    Attack 1- Chocolate Blade: Press 1 to swing your chocolate blade around, press 1,1,1 to do a "Sweet Slash" combo.
    Attack 2- Moose Rush: Press 2 to run forward charging into enemies with your moose antlers.
    Attack 3- Delicious Treat: Press 3 to eat a bite from your sword healing you a bit, but weakens you attack. After five bites the sword is gone and you have to wait for a while for it to come back.
    Soul Gem- Chocolatey Aura: Allies nearby will get a speed boost and some health.
    Heart Gem- Moose Loose: When you finish using Moose Rush a chocolate moose will appear and headbutt enemies.

"Behind the Beat!"
Homeland: Tropical Islands
HT: 3'03"
Personality: Gracious, Cheerful
A Duppy that spreads her music across Jamaica, with her fairy note and her Fairy Steel Drum she can put a smile on any face.
    Attack 1- Melody Stick: Press 1 to hit an enemy with your melody stick, press 1,1,1 to do a "Note Spin" combo.
    Attack 2- Fairy Steel Drum: Press 2 to beat on your steel drum creating a small musical shockwave.
    Attack 3- Musical Shield: Press 3 to create a shield of musical notes.
    Soul Gem- Drum Solo: Repeatedly press 2 to continuously beat on your steel drum to create an earthquake.
    Heart Gem- Music in the Heart: Musical Notes will circle around as long as you keep attacking.

"All in a Day's Work!"
Homeland: Greece
HT: 3'02"
Personality: Nervous, Stressed, Loyal
Once a Fairy from the past, she was sent to the present day to help those in need. And who else was the first person she met that was "in need" was a boss looking for a manager, she was their secretary for a long time until a meteor struck earth and realized that the meteor was the one that caused everyone to go into panic, she left that job and started her new job of saving lives.
    Attack 1- Wand Wave: Press 1 to swing around your wand shooting bursts of fairy dust.
    Attack 2- Defense Order: Press 2 to summon fairies that shield you from attacks, press 2 again to shoot them out in a circle.
    Attack 3- Unicorn Horn: Press 3 to shoot a beam that lifts an enemy into the air making them defenseless.
    Soul Gem- Three Wishes: Hold 1 to wish for something random, either a lot of gold, full health, a massive explosion or XP orbs, you only get 3 wishes per level.
    Heart Gem- Order File: Hold 2 to summon fairies to either defend, attack or heal you or allies.

Sweet Tooth
"Sweet as Candy!"
Homeland: France
HT: 2'11"
Personality: Sour, Grumpy
Once a guy that was a famous Connoisseur of Sweets, he was changed by the blast of a meteor into a Sweet, he wishes to change back but is still holding off since he can create endless amounts of sweets.
    Attack 1- Gumball Trap: Press 1 to throw five explosive gumballs that do little damage but slows down enemies.
    Attack 2- Paper Candy: Press 2 to roll an explosive roll of paper candy.
    Attack 3- Sticky Hold: Press 3 to blow a bubble of gum, the longer you hold 3 the more powerful and the longer the enemies get stuck in the gum.
    Soul Gem- Gumball Machine: Hold 1 to drop a gumball machine that spews out a lot of explosive gumballs.
    Heart Gem- Bubbling Boom: Enemies stuck in bubble gum will have multiple bubbles pop on them.

"Your Wish is Granted!"
Homeland: India
Dream Elf
HT: 5'03"
Personality: Peaceful, Spiritual
Along with Spectro, Wishnu was sent to earth in the ancient times of India, he was praised by the people and in return he gave them wishes of food and love, but as time passed Wishnu never aged, he's seen many friends of his pass on, including their children and grandchildren, now Wishnu must aid his Skylanders friends with his magic wishes.
    Attack 1- Wish Strike: Press 1 to shoot a wish arrow that will either slow down an enemy, do damage to them or heal them.
    Attack 2- Healing Pulse: Press 2 to heal yourself and anyone around you.
    Attack 3- Shield of Wishnu: Press 3 to create an aura that prevents damage done to Wishnu and allies around you.
    Soul Gem- Karma's a Snitch: Enemies can only get hit with damaging and slowing wishes.
    Heart Gem- Reincarnation: When defeated you can temporarily come back as a Skylander from your collection.

"Joke's on You!"
Homeland: Korea
HT: 7'02"
Personality: Trickster, Rowdy
An evil Dokkaebi was brought to life by a story book, but instead of doing evil things, he just played practical jokes on everyone from the Hand Buzzer to the Pie in the face, but when people got tired of his shenanigans he was forced to leave, but with Korea in danger Jokkaebi must play one more prank on the Face of Evil.
    Attack 1- Pie Toss: Press 1 to throw a pie at an enemy, hold 1 to do a swing that will knock enemies back with a pie in their face.
    Attack 2- Hand Buzzer: Press 2 to hold you hand out, if an enemy attacks they get shocked.
    Attack 3- Whoopie Cushion: Press 3 to throw a whoopie cushion, if an enemy steps on it enemies get knocked back.
    Soul Gem- Exploding Chewing Gum: Exploding Chewing Gum will sometimes appear eat it to have it explode doing damage around you, or if an enemy touches it they explode.
    Heart Gem- Pie Eater: Repeatedly press 1 to throw endless pies.

"Beauty & the Beast!"
Homeland: Bottom of the Ocean
HT: 3'02"
Personality: Nihilistic, Cute
Once an Ugly blobfish mocked by the creatures of the ocean floor the blobfish were shunned by everyone, including themselves. Until one day when a magical meteor struck earth and turn a Blobfish into an Adorable little Blobfish, in return for the Deep Sea Creatures mocking her family, she tore out all of their organs :) (Smile)
    Attack 1- Bubble Blow: Press 1 to blow a bubble at enemies.
    Attack 2- Tenta-Whip: Press 2 to turn into a small whirlpool on tentacles that smack enemies.
    Attack 3- Pearl Crush: Press 3 to send a heavy pearl into a bubble, once it's over an enemy the bubble pops and the pearls crushes the enemy.
    Soul Gem- Monster Form: Hold 2 long enough and turn into a beast, press 1 to breathe deadly gas, press 2 to skewer enemies with your sharp tentacles, press 3 to slam down a spiky pearl on an enemy, hold 2 to turn back to your cute form.
    Heart Gem- Devour Hour: Hold 2 when your a Monster to turn into a kraken that sucks enemies into its mouth.

Rad Rex
"Rad to the Max!"
Homeland: Area 51
HT: 5'06"
Personality: Wacky, Radical, Erratic
No one knows where this Radical Reptile came from, but he was found using his Fairy Gun on old broken down tanks, when he shot the tanks they turned into giant tortoises, and old jet planes turned into flying lizards, scientists took him and hid him away, never to see a human face ever again, until now.
    Attack 1- Fairy Gun: Press 1 to shoot a homing shot of magic, the faster you press 1 the more magic shots.
    Attack 2- Turtle Dude: Press 2 to turn an enemy into a radical turtle for a bit, the turtle will ride his skateboard into enemies.
    Attack 3- Rad Twister: Press and hold 3 to turn into a twister of pure energy, enemies hit by your twister will spin around like a twister damaging others or get sucked into the twister and thrown out.
    Soul Gem- AK- 47 Guns: Hold 1 to gain mulitple hands to shoot "like" a billion shots of magic per second.
    Heart Gem- Radical Rex: Hold 2 to turn you Radical Turtle into a Radical Rex, which eats enemies and rides his small skateboard into enemies.

Lil' Lambkin
"Wool be Sorry!"
Homeland: Texas
HT: 1'08", Hat 3'03"
Personality: Leaderly, Daring
Once a little lamb on an old farm, she gain magical powers from a 10 gallon hat that can summon Lambs that could put enemies to sleep. She keeps watch over her family with her KO Blaster, and her family helps her in battle.
    Attack 1- Dynamite Gun: Press 1 to shoot a dynamite bundle at an enemy.
    Attack 2- Sheep Party: Press 2 to summon a sheep from your hat that puts enemies to sleep and do damage to them, can have up to 5 sheep out at once.
    Attack 3- Lamb Leap: Press 3 to do a leap, when you land fairy dust spreads in front of you putting enemies to sleep.
    Soul Gem- KO Dynamite: Dynamite might put enemies to sleep.
    Heart Gem- Exploding Sheep: Sheep will leave behind an explosion when they disappear.

Space Soarer Sputnick-Chan
"Getting the Kinks Out!"
Homeland: Tokyo
Robo-Anime Space Girl X-1000
HT: 2'00"
When Sputnick-Chan arrived to Tokyo, she was greeted and welcomed with opened arms. She learned all about Otaku, Manga, and Anime (a little too much), she even has a few souvenirs to share in battle.
    Attack 1- Star Wink: Press 1 to shoot a homing star, press 1,1,1 to do a "Galaxic Flash" combo.
    Attack 2- Chop Sticks: Press 2 to jab enemies with chop sticks, hold 2 to walk on them like stilts.
    Attack 3- Lucky Cat: Press 3 to summon a lucky cat statue that makes enemies nearby drop gold and then disappears with a suction of space.
    Soul Gem- Daruma Assemble: Hold 3 to have five darumas spin around and will roll into enemies.
    Heart Gem- You're Already Dead: Hold 2 to teleport and slash an enemy with a katana then whisper "Omae Wa Mo Shindeiru!" and the enemy will explode.
Skylanders World - Light
"A Touch of the Sun!"
Homeland: New York
Android X
HT: 5'02"
Personality: Sassy, Smart, Clever
An android with electrical powers and high speed teleportation, when a meteor struck it gave out a blast of energy that booted her up and gave her life.
    Attack 1- Cable Claw: Press 1 to swing around you claws, press 1,1,1 to do a "Download" combo.
    Attack 2- Datamine: Press 2 to stab you cable into enemies data mining them, when you datamine an enemy their health bar will show up, and will continue to show up for that same enemy.
    Attack 3- High Speed Internet: Press 3 to quickly teleport leaving behind a mess of pixels.
    Soul Gem- Battery Power: You Solar Panels give you a boost of speed and health.
    Heart Gem- Software Update: When you use Download enemies get sucked into you, press 1,1,2 to use "Upload" to send them back exploding with pixels.

"A Place in the Sun!"
Homeland: Amazon
HT: 5'06"
Personality: Sexist, Critical
An Amazonian Jaguar that despises men for their carelessness of the jungle and its trees, she lures them in and executes them with her special dart with Poizone's poison.
    Attack 1- Poison Dart: Press 1 to shoot a dart at an enemy, poisoning them.
    Attack 2- Hiding in the Light: Press 2 to disappear only being able to see your eyes, you can shot poison darts without being seen.
    Attack 3- Killing Blow: Press 3 to ready a powerful dart and shoot it at an enemy doing massive damage, very slow attack.
    Soul Gem- Trap Dart: Hold 1 to shoot a special dart that shoots mini darts when it hits an enemy.
    Heart Gem- Feminine Charm: Male Enemies do less damage to you and you do twice as much damage to them.

"Shocking isn't It?!"
Homeland: Italy
HT: 5'11"
Personality: Progressive, Smart, Fatherly
A Mad Scientist who used to be mentored by Dr Bramenstein, he created a daughter that was soon lost by a freak accident by a meteor that created a portal and sent her away, now Voltesla is on a quest to find a way to get his daughter back with science by his side.
    Attack 1- Tesla Shock: Press 1 to zap an enemy causing a small shockwave.
    Attack 2- Electric Tower: Press 2 to create a tower that zaps enemies nearby.
    Attack 3- Tesla Coil: Press 3 to shock a small area in front of you, very powerful.
    Soul Gem- Scientific Concoction: Electricity will sometimes levitate enemies making them defenseless.
    Heart Gem- Tesla Tower: Hold 2 to create a coil that locks a blue electric beam at an enemy and shocks them until the tower explodes.

"Glow with the Flow!"
Homeland: France
HT: 1'03"
Personality: Sensitive, Romantic, Eloquent
A Snail almost eaten by the French, he grew and changed into a Toxic Glowing Snail that has a hunger for Freedom.
    Attack 1- Glow Aura: Press 1 to gain an aura that does damage to enemies around you, press 1 again to make the aura brighter but smaller.
    Attack 2- Snail Slime: Press 2 to dash leaving behind a slippery shiny slime that sends enemies flying in that direction.
    Attack 3- Hide and Sleek: Press 3 to hide in your shell, preventing damage but your very slow.
    Soul Gem- Burnout: When your Glow Aura gets more powerful your speed goes up, if you press 1 for a third time your aura will explode and you'll hid in your shell for a second.
    Heart Gem- Reflective Slime: Glow Aura will have Snail Slime shoot a beam of light at an enemy when the aura touches the slime.

Light Club
"Welcome to the Club!"
Homeland: England
HT: 4'11"
Personality: Serious, Disciplined
Once a member of the Police Force, he was soon kicked out for losing the culprit of a crime, but when a meteor struck he gained the power of light and detection, he can spot anyone through fog, wall, and just about anything, or can he?
    Attack 1- Club Strike: Press 1 to strike an enemy with your two clubs, press 1,1,1 to do a "Strike Out" combo.
    Attack 2- Brightening Light: Press 2 to put your hat's light on exposing enemies making them weaker.
    Attack 3- Investigation Stamp: Press 3 to stamp an enemy by smashing your clubs against them, when hit by "Brightening Light" they are even more weaker and will not attack until the light is gone.
    Soul Gem- Reward if Found: Enemies will leave behind gold when defeated.
    Heart Gem- Cop Siren: A Siren will go off doing damage to everyone nearby.

"You Can't Resist!"
Homeland: Bottom of the Ocean
HT: 4'10"
Personality: Lonely, Deadly, Lovely
A girl who was often known as the girlfriend who couldn't keep her boyfriend because they always found someone prettier, she changed into a siren that could lure all the men to her, but the downside was that she could only stay in Salt Water, and those men drowned trying to get to her, she then moved to the bottom of the ocean away from those she loved so they wouldn't die trying to love her.
    Attack 1- Tentacle Jab: Press 1 to jab an enemy with your tentacle.
    Attack 2- Attracting Lure: Press 2 to light up your lure attracting enemies making their defense goes down.
    Attack 3- Capturing Light: Press 3 to surround an enemy with light, can't work if the enemy is far away. Once the enemy is surrounded by light you can throw it back at enemies.
    Soul Gem- Lovely Allure: Enemies will sometimes fight for you when you use "Attracting Lure".
    Heart Gem- One True Love: Hold 2 and press 1 to kiss an enemy making them your guard that fights for you until they are defeated.

Glare Head
"Beware the Glare!"
Homeland: Area 51
HT: 2'04"
Personality: Empathetic, Tractable
An Alien that crashed land onto the land in hopes of finding a cure for his homeworld, but instead he was taken in by scientists to study him, but when a meteor crashed very close to Area 51 it gave the little alien enough time to run away, he now hopes to find a cure and find out what that meteor was all about, and who was that hitchhiker he picked up???
    Attack 1- Glare Light: Press 1 to shoot a flash of light from your hand, hold 1 to keep shining your light.
    Attack 2- UFO Hitchhiker: Press 2 to summon a UFO that drops an alien off that shoots enemies with their blaster.
    Attack 3- Saturn Rings: Press 3 to shoot a ring that hovers over an enemy and rains down a beam of light on them.
    Soul Gem- UFO SOS: Hold 2 to summon a UFO to shoot rings of light at enemies.
    Heart Gem- Glare Beam: Hold 1 even longer to shoot a red beam from your eyes.

"Let the Show Begin!"
Homeland: Pennsylvania
HT: 2'05"
Personality: Show-Off, Klutz, Perfectionist
When Showstopper was created he was put off to the side with some others like Chemical Spill, Potty Mouth, Bad Breath and more. The Skylanders put off to the side were sent away until Showstopper was left, he tried to impress the Creator with his light show and sure enough The Creator chose him to become a Skylander.
    Attack 1- Sun Staff: Press 1 to swing your staff around shooting sun pieces at enemies, hold 1 to shoot a sun crystal at them with pieces flying out.
    Attack 2- Spotlight Shine: Press 2 to gain a spotlight on you which increases your defense and attack, attacks you use might fail because of stage fright.
    Attack 3- Dazzling Act: Press 3 to spin you staff in the air, press 3 at the right time to catch it causing a blast of light.
    Soul Gem- Perfect Performance: Press 3,3,3 at the right times to catch your staff with a barrage of light blasts.
    Heart Gem- Encore, Encore!!: You can use attacks in a spotlight beyond perfection, flowers, food and gold will fly around hitting enemies.

"Armed & Ready!"
Homeland: India
Elephant Diety
HT: 5'04"
Personality: Orderly, Grumpy
A Deity brought to life when a Meteor struck Earth, Sunshrine was in charge of shining light down from the Heavens. But when evil and Darkness is threatening the World, Sunshrine will rise to the Heavens to gain maximum power of his abilities.
    Attack 1- Sun Sphere: Press 1 to throw a sun sphere that explodes, hold 1 to shoot a homing sun sphere.
    Attack 2- Sun Shrine: Press 2 to summon a shrine that shoots a beam of light at enemies.
    Attack 3- Sun Ship: Press 3 to summon a flying sun statue that flies around and shoots blasts of light at enemies.
    Soul Gem- Sun Dial: Hold 2 to summon a sun dial that slowly spin around shooting a beam of light in a direction.
    Heart Gem- Sun Orbit: Sun Spheres will circle around a Sun Shrine and power up the Shrine's attacks.

EX-228 Eclipse
"Let's Dance!"
Homeland: Parts Unknown
HT: 5'07"
Personality: Unknown
Record 3/5/79
Name: Eclipse
Experiment Number- 228
Sex: Male
HT: 1 Foot 10 Inches
Objective: Assassination
Location: Unknown
    Attack 1- Claw Print: Press 1 to claw target with your light claws, press 1,1,1 to do a "Decapitation" combo.
    Attack 2- Copy Clone: Press 2 to create an illusion of yourself to confuse target.
    Attack 3- Light Stun: Press 3 to flash your eyes at target to paralyze them.
    Soul Gem- Mask On: Mask will record data on target and shoot a paralyzing dart at the enemy.
    Heart Gem- Mask Off: When your mask runs out of health and your form has been revealed a copy of the mask will be shipped in short time, you can't attack so don't get hit or else your mission is over.

Jackpot Blastertron
"Target Acquired!"
Homeland: Las Vegas
HT: 4'02"
Personality: Neutral, Ordinary
Blastertron stopped by Las Vegas to drop off a parcel for Cash Hog but instead Blastertron became a robotic icon for the Casino that Cash Hog ran, Blastertron was given a Cowboy attire and new Blasters. Every where he went he spread Luck and Fortune to everyone.
    Attack 1- Jackpot Blaster: Press 1 to shoot a pulse of light from your guns, press 1 repeatedly to shoot light bullets like a cowboy.
    Attack 2- Jetpack Dash: Press 2 to dash forward with your jetpack, leaving behind light bars that do damage to enemies that touch it.
    Attack 3- Gold Magnet: Press 3 to attract all gold to you, enemies can get hit by gold if it's in its way.
    Soul Gem- Cowboy Reaction: Hold 1 to lock on all targets around and shoot light bullets that ricochet off eachother.
    Heart Gem- JACKPOT!!!: Every Attack gives you gold, hold 3 to sacrifice 500 gold to turn into a lottery machine, if you get 3 cherries then enemies will get hit by a blast of gold.
Skylanders World - Dark
Night Bear
"A Full Moon Arises!"
Homeland: Canada
HT: 6'08"
Personality: Brutal, Passive, Cuddly (To Ice Breaker)
When a meteor struck earth it soon infected a bear deep in a dark cave, the bear was transformed into a monstrous nightmare that has razor sharp moon claws.
    Attack 1- Moon Claw: Press 1 to slash your claws around, hold 1 to do a bear hug crushing an enemy.
    Attack 2- Dark Bite: Press 2 to bite an enemy with your mouth, hold 1 to run forward chomping away.
    Attack 3- Bear Growl: Press 3 to growl, weakens enemies for a bit.
    Soul Gem- On All Fours: If you don't attack you can run on all fours making you faster and less noticeable, press 1 to do a jumping claw.
    Heart Gem- Nightmare Feaster: Enemies that have been hit by you will have their health drained and will heal you.

Bed Bugger
"What a Nightmare!"
Homeland: Mexico
Bed Bug
HT: 4'09"
Personality: Hurried, Amusing, Active
A Nightmare that gained consciousness when a Meteor struck earth and gave him life, he uses his powers to haunt the dreams of enemies and tears up their clothing.
    Attack 1- Bed Bugs: Press 1 to shoot a bed bug that bites an enemy multiple times.
    Attack 2- Shadow Crawl: Press 2 to hide in a shadow of a bed bug, enemies can step on you and stop you in your tracks.
    Attack 3- Heart Lock: Press 3 to shoot a dark heart that stops an enemy in their tracks.
    Soul Gem- Don't let the Bed Bugger Bite!: Hold 1 to shoot out your head at enemies to do massive damage multiple times.
    Heart Gem- Total Eclipse in the Heart: Heart Locked enemies will send health to you.

"Zone it On!"
Homeland: Amazon
Poison Dart Frog
HT: 5'01"
Personality: Dignified, Hidebound
A Poison Dart Frog that gained poisonous and dark powers when a meteor struck and changed things around him, he protects his tiny family from Monstrous threats.
    Attack 1- Toxic Tongue: Press 1 to slap your toxic tongue at enemies, shooting some toxic out as well.
    Attack 2- Croak Bubble: Press 2 to spit out a toxic bubble that will chase an enemy and explode poisoning them.
    Attack 3- Poison Camoflauge: Press 3 to leave behind a poison puddle and walk around disguised as the background.
    Soul Gem- Tox Kwon Do: Hold 3 while disguised to do a kick out of nowhere.
    Heart Gem- Toxic Taster: Enemies covered in toxic slime are weaker to "Toxic Tongue".

Mary Blot
"As Black as Ink!"
Homeland: Germany
Toon Girl
HT: 4'10"
Personality: Quiet, Kind, Shy
After a freak accident in Skylands, Mary Blot the daughter of a famous Skylander, she was sent to Earth and was welcomed by the Germans, they all cared for her like their own daughter, but now that Earth is in danger, Mary Blot must discover the powers of her father inside her.
    Attack 1- Ink Baton: Press 1 to spin around a small baton that spreads ink around, press 1,1,1 to do a "Ink Hose" combo.
    Attack 2- Ink Shower: Press 2 to summon a shower of ink that slows down enemies.
    Attack 3- Heart of Ink: Press 3 to sacrifice some health to create a heart made of ink that explodes doing damage everywhere.
    Soul Gem- Ink Brigade: Hold 3 to summon two of your Toon friends to help you in battle.
    Heart Gem- Black Heart: Hold 3 even longer to drain you health completely, the next Skylander that you place on the portal will be completely healed and gain some armor.

"Make War, Not Love!"
Homeland: Korea
HT: 2'07"
Personality: Dishonest, Nihilistic, Dumb
When the leader of Korea had his men work on a living missile, a blast of magic made the missile come to life, but being a Warhead Missile he disobeyed what he was told to and fought for his freedom, so he couldn't get launched into the ocean.
    Attack 1- Chemical Cloud: Press 1 to shoot a chemical cloud that lingers in the area and does damage to enemies.
    Attack 2- Dark Rocket: Press 2 to shoot a homing missile into the sky to crash down on enemies, and cover them in chemicals.
    Attack 3- Deadly Destruction: Press 3 to sacrifice some health to counter an attack, if hit the enemy will be hit by an explosion.
    Soul Gem- Total Annihilation: Hold 3 to turn into a missile and launch yourself into the air, when you crash down all enemies will be defeated, but you will be defeated too.
    Heart Gem- Failed Launch: Hold 3 to turn into a missile, press 1 before you launch into the air to crash down and spin around shooting chemical clouds everywhere.

"Caught in a Web of lies!"
Homeland: Australia
HT: 5'10"
Personality: Quirky, Neutral
When the meteor struck Earth a blast of magic transformed a pretty big spider into a human sized terror, but Tyrantula didn't want to scare people away he wanted to rid the world of spider, because he hated them as much as anyone else would, but too bad for him that Tarantulas are More creepier than Spiders.
    Attack 1- Web Funnel: Press 1 and hold to spin around a web that traps enemies, press 1 again to roll them like a bowling ball.
    Attack 2- Trap Door: Press 2 to hide underground, when an enemy steps on the trap door you rise up and bite them.
    Attack 3- Jumping Tarantula: Press 3 to do a leap and slice and enemy with your claws.
    Soul Gem- My Leg!!!: When hit sometimes your leg falls off, you will regrow it and the broken leg will attack enemies.
    Heart Gem- Scary Spider Beast: Hold 3 to open up your second mouth to unleash a rapid strike of multiple claws upon enemies.

"Are you Scared Yet!"
Homeland: Bottom of the Ocean
Dumbo Octopus
HT: 0'07"
Personality: Cute, Frightening
Dumbo Octopudes are among one of the cutest animals of the animal kingdom, but one day when a meteor struck and spread its magic all over the world, it changed one little Dumbo Octopus into a Malicous little murderer, eating his prey with his Nightmare Ink.
    Attack 1- Ink Cloud: Press 1 to spray a cloud of deadly ink around you.
    Attack 2- Monster of Ink: Press 2 to create a monster made of ink that chases enemies.
    Attack 3- Frighting Stare: Press 3 to glance at an enemy freezing them in their place.
    Soul Gem- Beasts of the Ink: Clouds of ink have beasts that bite enemies doing multiple damage.
    Heart Gem- Dark Shroud: Hold 1 to cover the screen in darkness, you can tell where you are by your glowing red eyes.

"Gross Out!"
Homeland: Pennsylvania
HT: 4'09"
Personality: Disgusting, Putrid
A Larvae Bug that grew and caused a panic for a bit when the magic meteor struck earth, Puptrid resides in an Old tree secluded from anyone and scares off anyone who tries to enter the old tree. Hopefully the people around him will soon to love him, once Puptrid transforms.
    Attack 1- Spore Spread: Press 1 to shoot out dark spores that latch to enemies and do constant damage to them.
    Attack 2- Larvae Roll: Press 2 to roll around, slow but powerful.
    Attack 3- Defensive Cocoon: Press 3 to gain cocoon armor that multiplies your health for each layer of armor, you can stack this five times.
    Soul Gem- Pupa Larvae: Enemies defeated by dark spores turn into pupa turrets that spread more dark spores around.
    Heart Gem- Mothnificent: Hold 3 to turn into Mothnificent, a Beautiful Moth that is said to be the embodiment of the Night.

"Beauty and Beyond!"
HT: 5'00"
Personality: Charming, Beautiful
    Attack 1- Lunar Wings: Press 1 to shoot your wings at enemies, when hit four lunar wings pop out and spin around the enemy doing multiple damage.
    Attack 2- Spore Dive: Press 2 to dive spread spores everywhere putting enemies to sleep.
    Attack 3- Healing Shed: Press 3 to sacrifice some health to give some armor to allies.
    Soul Gem- Pupa Moth: Enemies defeated by Lunar Wings turn into Moths that heal you.
    Heart Gem- Puptrid: Hold 3 to turn back into Puptrid.

Dark Mage
"Dark is the New Black!"
Homeland: England
HT: 4'10"
Personality: Loony, Odd, Paranoid
A storybook character brought to life sounds crazy, until it actually happened. Dark Mage was unleashed into the World when a Meteor gave him life, everyone expecting evil things from him, he turned out to be a Goofy Dragon Mage. He turned Rats into Sheep, Cars into Guillotines and People's legs into Lances.
    Attack 1- Dark Voltage: Press 1 and hold to shoot a lightning bolt with a giant ball of lightning at the end, this will latch to an enemy and do continuous damage.
    Attack 2- Spell Caster: Press 2 to summon a pot of magic stew, press 2 near it to drink it and change your magic attacks, from Dark Voltage, Dark Flames, and Dark Magic. Dark Flames shoots out a stream of dark fire that freezes enemies, and Dark Magic will turn an enemy into a sheep when they're defeated.
    Attack 3- Dragon Spell: Press 3 to put an enemy under a curse, if you have Dark Voltage then a Dark lightning bolt continuously zaps the enemy. If you have Dark Flames then the enemy gets surrounded by flaming ice cubes freezing them and burning them continuously. If you have Dark Magic then the enemy turns into a Dark Horse that will dash toward enemies for a bit then turn back.
    Soul Gem- Dark Dragon: Jump into the pot of magic stew to turn into a giant dragon, you can only spin you head around since the rest of you body is stuck in the pot. Press 1 to shoot a bolt of Dark Lightning, press 2 to breathe Dark Flames down at enemies and press 3 to shoot a magic spell at the ground that launches enemies into the air.
    Heart Gem- Dark Twister: Hold 2 to churn you pot of magic stew to suck enemies in and have them explode back out either stunned, frozen or as a sheep.

Eye Eater Creep Frog
"Jeeps and Creeps!"
Homeland: Peru
Corrupted Frog (S.O.F.A)
HT: 3'04"
Personality: Monstrous, Spiritual, Creepy
As One of the Only Villains that visited Earth, Creep Frog learned new things about himself and his claws and eyes. He now lives like a God in Peru protecting his civilians like they were his tadpoles.
    Attack 1- Creep Claw: Press 1 to clamp down your claws on enemies.
    Attack 2- Stretchy Grapple: Press 2 to stretch out you tongue grappling enemies, press 1 to eat them, or press 2 to slam them down on the ground.
    Attack 3- Eye Ball Frog: Press 3 to shoot out one of your eyes from your claws, the frogs will shoot dark tear drops at enemies.
    Soul Gem- Eye Eater: Use "Stretchy Grapple" on an Eye Ball Frog to eat them and spit out a bunch of mini bouncing eye balls.
    Heart Gem- Dark Tears: Dark Tears from Eye Ball Frogs drain enemies health and boosts you attack power.

Axe Executioner Fisticuffs
"Punchin In!"
Homeland: Transylvania
HT: 5'06"
Personality: Impulsive, Forceful
After encountering the Villainess, Dr Bramenstein, the doctor transformed Fisticuffs's Fist into an Axe to execute people for him. But Fisticuffs was a reformed villain so he tried to attack the Doctor but was thrown out. Now Fisticuffs is on a hunt for the Mad Doctor to Execute him.
    Attack 1- Axe Execute: Press 1 to shoot your axe out like a jack in the box, press 1,1,1 to do a "Axe Slam" combo.
    Attack 2- Blade Spinner: Press 2 to drop you axe and have it spin in one place sucking in enemies, press 1 to do a strong headbutt.
    Attack 3- Dark Void: Press 3 to shoot you axe into the air, while its in the air your arm creates a black hole that you can move around and suck in enemies, the axe will then crush the enemies in the black hole.
    Soul Gem- Execution Evolution: A New Axe doubles the power of all attacks.
    Heart Gem- Wanted Dead!: Defeating enemies gives you gold, the more powerful the enemy the more gold.


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In this game you play as people, animals, and Objects from Different Earth Time Periods who became Skylanders from meteors like the ones in Skylanders Worlds.

There are also two new elements,
The Toxic Element- An element based on chemicals
and illnesses.
The Melee Element- An Element based on Battle, War, and even sports.

There are a bunch of different time eras that serve as levels like
 Dynasty China
 Prehistoric Times
 Medivel Europe and many more

There are also a handful of skylanders from each Era like
TerrorCotta- A living Terra-cotta statue from Dynasty China
Gigavolt- An electric Pterodactyl from Prehistoric times
Stoker- A crippled dragon Blacksmith from Medivel Europe

i made a list of all the levels and some ideas but I think I would need to paste it on a message. But I would only do it if you would want to see it.
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